Craniofaciale therapie (CRAFTA)

Various health problems arise from the incorrect functioning of muscles, joints and nerves in the head, face and chewing system. A craniofacial therapist or jaw physiotherapist can help to correct and prevent these problems.

Craniofacial therapy is a specialization in physiotherapy and is also called orofacial or jaw physical therapy. A jaw physiotherapist is extensively trained in dental aspects, specific nerve disorders, cancer in the head and neck area and specific disorders related to the neck.

When is craniofacial therapy recommended?

Synergy Texel is able to provide excellent advice and guidance on pain and functioning problems of the head, face and neck region. In many cases, this is in collaboration with the general practitioner, dentist, orthodontist, surgeon or other medical specialist. Craniofacial or jaw physiotherapy can, among other things, provide a solution for:

  • Tired, painful or cracking jaws

  • Pain when chewing and/or talking

  • Earache or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

  • Toothache, tooth clamping or grinding

  • Limited and/or slanted mouth opening

  • Local pain in the neck, radiating to the skull

  • Headache (including in children), migraine, vertigo, dizziness or double vision

  • Swallowing problems